• Electric Speedometer
  • Part#  95SPSWLS-P
  • 100% authentic RaceTech product
  • Uses highly precise stepper motor
  • Dimmable Super White, Amber and Blue LED illumination
  • Programmable 2-phase warning setting and peak recall functions
  • Touch Screen control box to program warning setting and recall peak value
  • Oled display
  • External warning light included
  • Opening Ceremony and Ending mode
  • Fast needle response
  • Aluminium cases and bezels
  • Smoked lens

The kit includes:

  • Gauge
  • Peak Light and Control Box
  • Meter Cup and Holder
  • Wiring harnesses


The pictures below describes how the Racetech speedometer connects to the Pro-Gauge board.

The first picture doesn't use the relay module for the Pro-Gauge. The second one does. The advantage of the relay module it that the gauge will be automatically switched on and off when SimDash starts or is closed.

RaceTech 95mm Electronic Speedometer

  • Product Code: RaceTech 95mm Electronic Speedometer
  • £79.00

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