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Title: SimDash v14 and NR2003
Post by: SwiftyOne on May 04, 2017, 01:45:03 am
I have just reinstalled NR2003 and I'm noticing some strange behaviour with SimDash v14...

1) when starting SimDash(SD) my display (Pro-Race from SRH) does not light up with the start of the software as it used to in previous versions, (I liked having the display showing my PC System time, without having to start a game)

2) I start SD and then NR2003, while in the game SD works well until I exit the game, (while SD is still running) upon returning to NR2003, SD will not work at all...I then have to exit the game and restart SD so it works again.

3) Maybe three times out of five start-ups of SD, SD will show it's start screen with the NR2003 plugin running, this will light up my Pro-Race display, but with the NR2003 plugin running SD will not work at all with NR2003 the game(I have tried turning off just the plugin but this will not work, I would have to restart  SD again before it will work inside NR2003.  So, we go back to number 1) .......

I hope you can understand my long post  ;) Thank you  :)

PS...I have tried removing and reinstalling SD, but the issues still remain.
Title: Re: SimDash v14 and NR2003
Post by: Cristiano on May 04, 2017, 10:49:25 am
NR2003 is a bit difficult to interface with.
If I remember correctly, it expects the SimDash NR2003 plugin to be running BEFORE the game starts. If you start SimDash after the game is already running, things don't work. SimDash tries to detect that NR2003 is in execution as soon as possible and start the NR2003 plugin.
But if this doesn't happen quickly enough the NR2003 plugin could be started when it is too late.

To confirm what I am saying, you could try to start SimDash BEFORE NR2003 and manually execute the NR2003 plugin. Then start the game.
This should work every simgle time.

Can you do this test?


Title: Re: SimDash v14 and NR2003
Post by: SwiftyOne on May 05, 2017, 12:05:42 am
Hello Cristiano
I have tested this for around 4 hours today and yes, you are correct if I first start the plugin then the game sees SD all the time. :) Sorry, I have been away from NR2003 for a long time  :-[

Thank you