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General Discussions / Re: Ford Gauge cluster
« on: November 11, 2018, 11:11:36 pm »
can you send some more specifications of the cluster? Maybe i can find a diagram to you.

General Discussions / Re: Ford Gauge cluster
« on: November 01, 2018, 12:04:08 pm »
Hi, i had a question, What Ford clusters are easy to make work on a pc, and does anyone have the wiring diagram for a cluster?


Hi, any cluster without can-bus is easy to connect. the wiring diagram with some research you can find it.


General Discussions / Re: BMW E36 316 temp and fuel not working
« on: June 04, 2018, 06:08:29 pm »
Yes, my values were too high, spent almost an hour to find perfect values, and it works! Thanks everyone for help. Another question, maybe it is possible to make average fuel consuption gauge to work? Or is it not possible?

Never tested but i think it only works with the ECU. need to rewire my old cluster with avg. fuel consuption and test it (i don't know if it only works with a signal from ECU or uses too the RPM signal from the cluster itself).

I know if you have the M3 cluster the oil temperature will work  ;D that gauge is in the place of the avg. fuel consup gauge (i have one)

General Discussions / Re: BMW E36 316 temp and fuel not working
« on: June 01, 2018, 09:55:47 pm »
If i'm correct that values are too high. first in the small connector (black) don't put pin 3 to gnd. the fuel gauge simply don't work with him. just connect pin 1 and pin 4.
For the last i need to check my values on my pro-gauge but i assure you if your cluster is ok the fuel and temp gauges will work flawlessly.

Show off your build / Re: My cockpit build WIP
« on: February 26, 2018, 06:21:14 pm »
Hey man!

Awesome work!

I just have one question. Will be making something similar soon. I got my hands on a cluster from a 316i e36. I am unable to find a cluster pinout diagram for it. Was wondering if the 316i is same as the 318i? Don't want to fry my cluster haha :D.

Thanks in advance!

Regards, Szymon.

Hey! it's the same pinout no worries.  :)  the only diference is for the M3 cluster because the pin of oil temp.


At YouTube I saw different videos where people are showing them cockpits in combination with a Logitech G27 wheel.
So I already have a BMW cluster which is running with the pro gauge, working fine.

But at the videos on YouTube I saw dat people are using the turnsignal indicators from a real car. in the cluster, the green light, but also the physical lever.
Also I saw that they use a normal key to start the engine in the game.

How do people make this, is there any tutorial or something like that which I can follow?

Thanks in advance.

Regards, Max

Hi. If you can programming a arduino it's easier. I dont have the dlc-247 but with a arduino and some programming i have euro truck simulator with blinkers, battery/oil warning light, a lcd 4x40 with some more info like odometer.

Show off your build / Re: My WIP dashboard / cockpit
« on: November 16, 2016, 01:05:04 pm »
hi fellas got all my guages working on an e36 cluster apart from fuel does this only work in conjunction with auduino board ?

many thanks


Hi. The fuel gauge works with the pro-gauge like the temp gauge and so, and so...

i think some posts up, i explain what is needed to put the fuel gauge working

Show off your build / Re: My WIP dashboard / cockpit
« on: November 09, 2016, 07:18:18 am »
Hi. the gauge of speed and rpm inputs only work on rpm and spd. if I plug in another entry not work. Will my chip is broken?

the speed and rpm gauge is suposed to connect only in rpm and spd. so it's working fine.

Hi everyone! that as been a long time i did not post, glad to be back!

As my title says i need to connect a Mustang 2004 dash to my Pro-Gauge and a Pro shift for the light instrument, so anybody who can help my with this, it will be more than welcome.


Hi. First do you have the pinout of dash? it helps a lot because if the dash use can-bus you can forget it. Far has i know, Pro-gauge don't support for now. The way you can run a dash with can bus system is using a arduino, can-bus shield and lots of practice writing code to put the thing working.

Show off your build / Re: My WIP dashboard / cockpit
« on: January 22, 2016, 09:14:47 am »
hello everyone :) i just registered here but i'm wondering if the fuel gauge issue has been solved ???

can someone give me the correct schematics incl. the led bulb mod.

i solve the problem long time ago  ;D ;D

Video testing pro-gauge and arduino with ETS2.

Show off your build / Re: My cockpit build WIP
« on: November 24, 2015, 11:56:08 am »

So yea guys,

According to this picture I connected all the wires, but still cant make fuel/temp gauges to work.
I'm not sure why, but +12v connection might be a problem -

White - all the +12 wires (3 of them) made to one.
Blue - all the +12 wires (3 of them) made to one.
Then I made extension connect all of them to one again (6 of them now) and one wire to pro gauge (12v) itself and another one to power supply.

Did I made a mistake connecting them this way?

I noticed that water temp sometimes goes up to random position and stays there.

Anyone faced this problem? Thanks:)

mine works fine. fuel and water temp. in the black connector i disconect the GND pin for work. But i will confirm at home.

General Discussions / Re: Pro Gauge wiring
« on: September 16, 2015, 09:14:54 pm »
First - really great quality job you have done.
I got E36 dash too and wondering, what simproject boards did you use to make everything work?
I guess they are but different today and cant find same that you used.
Could somebody link me boards to buy to make everything work? I live in UK :)
Do I need two redburners or one progauge?

Thanks for reply!:)

I use pro-gauge and a BMW e36 M3 cluster and all needles work perfectly ;)

BTW, if you use 2 rev-burner only speed and rpm will work.

no for now i plan on using pro shift to control less for dash.  Maybe later down the line i might add an Arduino program but i was more interested in what you were able to get working for the game.  After some messing around for the dash the only thing i could not get working and/or did not see an option for in simdash or fanaleds was: abs, cruise control, airbag,seat belt, fog/beacon light.  So can you get those with the Arduino controller?  like i said building a custom dash and would like to eliminate what can't work so i have more space for other things like gauges and what not, also have limited space

For now i can export these info. need's a bit of work if you want put that thing work  ;D


"truck.dashboard.backlight" (cluster light)
"truck.wipers" (wipers ON/OFF)
"truck.light.reverse" (reverse light ON/OFF)
"truck.light.aux.roof" (fog lights roof)
"truck.light.aux.front" (fog lights front/down)
"truck.light.beam.high" (beam lights)
"truck.light.beam.low" (low beam lights)
"truck.rblinker" (right blinker)
"truck.lblinker" (left blinker)
"truck.engine.enabled" (truck engine ON/OFF)
"truck.electric.enabled" (key ACC mode)
"truck.battery.voltage.warning" ( if battery dont charge)
"truck.water.temperature.warning" (water temp warning)
"truck.oil.pressure.warning" (oil press warning)
"truck.fuel.warning" (low fuel level)
"truck.brake.air.pressure.emergency" (emergency light low pressure)
"truck.brake.air.pressure.warning" (low pressure warning)
"truck.brake.motor" (motor brake)
"truck.brake.parking" (parking brake)

LCD 40x4 info:

"truck.battery.voltage" (battery voltage)
"truck.odometer" (total kilometers of truck)
"truck.water.temperature" (water temp in C)
"truck.oil.temperature" (oil temp in C)
"truck.oil.pressure" (oil press in PSI)
"truck.fuel.consumption.average" (fuel comsumption in liters/km)
"truck.fuel.amount" (fuel liters on tank)
"truck.brake.temperature" (brake temp)
"truck.brake.air.pressure" (air pressure PSI)
"truck.brake.retarder" (retarder level)
"truck.cruise_control" (cruise control in m/s, 0 is disabled)
"truck.speed" (truck speed (m/s))










I have all lights working in my cluster  ;D ;D ;D But i'm using pro-gauge for speed/tacho, etc.... and the lights (leds) with a arduino

cool can you post a list of what you were able to get working?  i am in the process of building a custom dash and just received an used instrument cluster that has all the standard indicators on it.  plan on cutting it up and placing it in a newer cluster

Do you have a arduino to program? like i told i use arduino only to interface the game and the leds

hey guys any way we can get indicator lights to work in euro truck 2, specifically turn signals, headlights high low, parking break, etc etc...?  i thought i had either saw or heard this was possible through sim dash, but now i realize its only good through fanaleds.  right now running version from steam just got it on sale, trying to build a dash, this throws a wrench in my plan sorrta

I have all lights working in my cluster  ;D ;D ;D But i'm using pro-gauge for speed/tacho, etc.... and the lights (leds) with a arduino

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