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Questions about specific simulators / Support for game called Gravel.
« on: February 28, 2018, 01:04:14 am »
A game release today on Steam called Gravel.  Its an offroad racing game. Looks really fun and was wondering if there was telemetry output and could be supported. 

 Hi Christiano,  I would like to know if your software/hardware could be used to Monitor my CPU usage and my Internet connection strength.  If I could have a analog gauge show me this info would be beyond helpful at times.  If I could just look at my dash to see if a players car is bouncing around because of my connection or theirs..   Monitoring CPU would also be very helpful.    If this would be possible I would buy a rev Burner for all my computers.   I would paypal you $ just for your time working on software, Because it would just be awesome to have that info at a glance.           Thanks again.. 

General Discussions / Multiple Profiles?
« on: January 21, 2018, 02:30:53 pm »
I was wondering if there is a way to have multiple profiles so different games would display different info.     Example..   When Im not racing and playing a trucking simulator I would like my LapTime displays to display engine temps and speed.  I would like to convert my Tac into a speedo just for certain games...    Is this possible without reconfiguring when I want to change game types. Or possibly something that could be added?    Thanks

So I have a rig I've been putting together the past couple years. Its to fit the theme of the room I wanted to create. When I was a kid playing arcade racers I wanted real functioning Gauges and lit up lap timers. cool buttons to press and what not.. And thanks to Christiano and Symprojects I was able to make a dream a reality. I love these products..   I can post more info on my build. and I plan to create some Symprojects Tutorials in the future.. But for now here is a youtube link to what i have so far.

So I know AC doesnt have the data output for a shift light. But I know It does output percentage. I have my GI Max set up to flash at 95 percent revs..   So my question is.. Using my DLC-247 is there a  REV percentage setting on LED indicators?  Or can that possibly be added? Another thought....Would there need to be multiple profiles so that other games would be unaffected by changes like that?                 Not exactly necessary but, It would be cool to have a shift light while drifting..   Thanks Christiano.  Your products are brilliant!

General Discussions / Support for flight sims? X-Plane 9-10
« on: November 27, 2014, 05:51:20 pm »
  Hey Cristiano I have a request for you. Been using your products for over a year now and have been recently been interested in flight sims.. I have a DLC-247 running 3 six segment displays, a max gear indicator, and pro gauge (although I currently only have Tach)     What my idea is to have basic Auto Pilot displays on my 6 segment displays. like heading, altitude, speed, and vertical speed. And some how use the max gauge for maybe flaps?  and random other led indicator lights like gear and warnings lights.     Heck maybe even use my tach as an altimeter lol..   Is any of this possible?      I know racing is your main clientele  and are more than likely stacked with other work..   but it would be greatly appreciated!!    I really enjoy your products.      Thanks in advance,   Timmy P

General Discussions / Pro Gauge, DLC-247, and Displays questions.
« on: March 04, 2014, 08:00:50 am »
These devices are so badass!!   First off. waiting for these parts was the first time I've checked the mail box more that 4 times a day lol. It shipped quickly but the travels from UK to USA took 13 unbearable days. I got them today after work, and immediately got to work on the rig. So far my only questions are.   

My Autometer Sport-Comp Tach shakes at low RPM below 900. How can I fix this?  Other than thats its so damn accurate once you calibrate it. Great stuff..

And with the 6 Digit displays..  I need to get something bigger..  How do I get something that will work with this Controller? I need something like 25mm tall to really work with what I got. Can anyone give me some advice here?

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