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Show off your build / Re: My cockpit build WIP
« on: November 10, 2012, 11:53:27 am »

Thx for fast reply ...

But in my german manual of the pins are is the pin 20 on the white conector for RPM thats same on ur picture !!!

And the pin 2 on the blue connector is the speedmeter (call 2 Tacho A-signal)  in my german manual ??? on yours the Speedmeter is pin 4 on the blck connector thats the different that i can see and i canĀ“t understand this different ?

This make me a little confused but i dont want distroy my cluster :-( if this is false pin for my speedmeter !!!

Here is the german manual about the pins

here some pictures of the same cluster that i use maybe its a little different but is german forum !

Show off your build / Re: My cockpit build WIP
« on: November 09, 2012, 09:04:07 pm »
Hello jadran

Thx for this great manual do use the BMW E36 cluster !!!!!

i have a little problem with the wire coulors !

My Cluster is from BMW e 36  318 is !!! And my Cluster is a VDO 88 311 220 from Year 3/94  is this different at yours ??

My speedmeter is the black/white wire on the blue connector right ?? And the RPM is the Black wire on the white connector right ??

but on your picture is the black for Speedmeter and the black/white for RPM !!!!!!

Please can u tell me which cuolors u connect to +12V and which to the -12V and what function have the other wire ??

If i connect the brown (blue Connector) and the brown/orange (white connector) wire to -12V and the grey/red (white connector) and green/blue (blue connector) to +12V the Instrumentlight is on and the digital Km/h and service is always on !!
What other function i can use with the other wire ??

Thx Wolfi

Sry fro my english :-) nice greets from Austria ;-)

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