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General Discussions / Pro-Shift and XPlane (10 for now)
« on: February 01, 2018, 04:26:05 pm »
As a proof of concept I have crated a version of SimDash that works with the Pro-Shift boards and XPlane 10, but XPlane 11 should work as well.

This is the link for the download:

it will require .NET Framework 4.5, if you don't have it:

you will also need the ExtPlane plugin installed in X-Plane:

You need to know what datarefs are in XPlane. Basically they are strings that describe a piece of data in the simulator, like speed, state of landing gear, altitude...

The full list is in this file:

X-Plane 10 Installation Folder\Resources\plugins\DataRefs.txt

A typical line is:

 sim/cockpit/electrical/taxi_light_on   int   y   bool   Taxi Lights

  • the first column is the dataref name
  • int is the type of the returned value. you can have int (integer), float and double (decimal values). float[] and int[] are array of floats or integers (array are group of values)
  • third column (Y or N) tells you if the dataref can be written
  • bool is the unit of the dataref. in this case it tells you that the value is 0 or 1.  OFF or ON
  • and then the description of the value

The dataref below:

sim/cockpit/electrical/generator_on   int[8]   y   bool

returns an array of int (a group of 8 integer). one integer for each engine in this case. the first value has index 0. the last one index 7.

When you start SimDash, use the menu "File -> Import Settings..." to import the file I have attached.
It contains some example configuration.

The first part of the configuration is on the X-Plane plugin. Start   Simdash, "Simulators" tab and then click the "Configure" button of the XPlane plugin. Here you configure which datarefs you want to read from X-Plane. My configuration has few example. Pick a dataref from the DataRefs.txt file and set the returned value as from the file.

If the returned value is an array, indicate which index of the array you want to read. first element of the array has index zero.

Second part of the configuration: the Pro-Shift plugin. Assign one of the configured dataref to a led.

In my configuration LED 1 will come on when RPM of engine n.1 is above 1.500 RPM, and will blink quick when RPM > 2000

LED 2 will switch ON when taxi lights are ON.

I think in the future I will include the list of DataRefs inside SimDash, so the user only has to choose the dataref from a list and don't worry to indicate the type of its return value.

Few notes:

  • Next step is to support the JC-LED board that I think is more interesting than the Pro-Shift.
  • Dataref can be written too. I am planning to support this. so for example taxi lights could be switched off when a joystick button is pressed
  • DatarefEditor is a plugin that runs inside X-Plane and lets you explore the over 2000 datarefs available. very useful I think:

Please let me know what you think and if you have suggestion.
I'd like to make SimDash for X-Plane a finished off product and I will be investing more time in the following weeks/months.


General Discussions / Simraceway support
« on: April 17, 2013, 05:30:31 pm »
How many of you already know Simraceway has disabled support for external plugins.
That means that applications like SimDash won't work anymore with the game.

they have a thread on their forum where people vote which plugins they want to be supported.
I have already left a message there but I think more people should ask for SimDash to be supported by the game.

this is the link to the thread:

thank you

General Discussions / SimDash 1.3.6 Beta
« on: February 03, 2012, 10:16:00 pm »

This is the link for downloading the beta version of SimDash 1.3.6:

If anybody tests it, please let me know if you find problems so I can fix them before the final release.

The main features of this release are:

  • Profiles. you can have up to 10 profiles in the application and all the settings for the games, displays and so on belong to the current profile. If you change profile you automagically load the settings associated with that profile. if it is the first time you use a profile, you get the default settings. This is useful for example if you had different settings for the shift light, depending on the car you drive in the simulator.  I haven't written the documentation for this feature yet, but I think it is self explanatory. You access the profiles list from the application menu (View->Profiles...)
  • I have expanded the configuration settings for the blinking of LEDs connected to the DLC-247 or Pro Shift. Basically now you can set the value at which the LEDs turn ON and the values at which they blink slowly, at normal speed or fast. Until SimDash 1.3.5 instead the LEDs blinked all the time or never.
  • rFactor 2 now is supported. Bare in mind that there must be a bug in the game because when I start a session SimDah start receiving the data after 7-10 seconds. I will investigate this but I am sure it is down to the game. The plugin must be configured in SimDash.
  • Nascar Racing 2003 should work with SimDash now. Latest patch is required. SimDash must be started BEFORE the game and if you restart SimDash when Nascar is running, it won't work. you have to close the game, start SimDash and then start Nascar.
  • Kart Racing Pro is supported. Only the registered version works, not the demo. Simple configuration needed.
  • I fixed some small bugs, like Fuel% in IRacing.

This should be everything if I haven't forgotten anything.


General Discussions / SiimDash 1.3.5
« on: December 18, 2011, 06:24:38 pm »

There is a new version of SimDash available for download.

it's mostly for the new DLC-247 but it also includes some bug fixing.

Please let me know if there is any problem.


General Discussions / SimDash 1.3.4 beta
« on: October 08, 2011, 05:05:46 pm »

The following:

it the link for the download of SimDash 1.3.4 beta.

The content of the ZIP file must be extracted into a new folder and double click SimDash.exe to start the application.

New features in this version:

  • The plugin for the Rev Burner for speedometers has been updated to support the speedometers that require a signal with higher frequency.
  • F1 2011 is supported. the game must be configured like F1 2010. Follow the same instructions.
  • In the Pro Shift configuration screen it is possible to define two condition for which a LED is switched on.
  • The IRacing plugin supports the new API. the good thing about the new API is that more clients can connect at the same time (so no more need of the IWrap proxy) and more data is exported. this is the data that is available now:
    • Rpm
    • Rpm expressed in %
    • Gear position
    • Speed
    • Water temperature
    • Oil temperature
    • Oil pressure
    • Brake, throttle and clutch positions
    • Fuel quantity
    • Fuel quantity expressed in %
    • Lap number
    • Position in race
    • Current lap time
    • Last lap time
    • Best lap time
    • Oil warning
    • Water temperature warning
    • Rev limiter warning
    • Speed limiter
    • Fuel pressure warning
    • Engine stalled warning
    • Black, white, green, yellow, blue and red flags

Everything seems to work ok. I particularly like the rev limiter warning light.

What I think need to be tested more carefully, is the time of the current lap and lap number. In particular they should be tested during a race and please let me know if they don't work correctly.

Please let me know if you find anything wrong and I will fix it before next final release if out.


General Discussions / SimDash 1.3.3 Beta
« on: July 23, 2011, 10:35:05 pm »
As anticipated SimDash 1.3.3 is being released at the end of the month.
If anybody wants to test it before, this is the link to the beta version:

.NET Framework v.4 is required and the installed will download it for you if it is not present on your machine.

The main changes in this version are:

  • support for Dirt 3
  • support for Need for Speed Shift 2
  • There is a new type of data available and it is the RPM expressed in %. this allow you to configure the shift light using % instead of absoulute RPM. so when you change the car you don't have to chage the RPM value of the shift light. Rpm % can be used with the SPI-D, GI Max, GI Pro, Pro Shift and SimScreen. It is supported by all the simulators that can display the "Max RPM" data item
  • The SimScreen now displays Memory usage, network usage, volume/mute settings and level of the sound being played. the last one is available only with Vista/Win7
  • if you install CoreTemp the SimScreen will display usage and temperature of each cpu/core of your computer. CoreTemp must be started BEFORE SimDash or Simscreen Editor otherwise usage/temperature of the CPUs won't be available
    Values are refreshed once per second but you can change CoreTemp's settings to upgrade these values every 500ms. Don't make the refresh rate lower than 500ms because SimScreen only checks them every 500ms
  • GI Max and GI Pro configuration screens have been changed a little, added a couple new settings.
  • it is now possible to connect more SimScreens at the same time and display different designs on each of them
  • there is a new firmware for the Pro Shift. If you use the new version the Pro Shift will be seen by Windows as a USB Game Controller with 4 buttons available which can be configured in the game like the buttons of a joystick or wheels. the other functionalities of the Pro Shift will remain the same. this zip file contains both the original firmware and the new firmware if you want to try it or if you need 4 extra buttons for your cockpit. on the website there are the instruction for the upgrade process.
  • all the code that handles the usb comminications have been rewritten and optimized. if you find anything wrong with the USB, please let me know

I think this is everything. This version will become SimDash 1.3.3 ( or 1.4) at the end of the month, unless  bugs are reported.

Thank you

General Discussions / Pro Shift demo video
« on: April 10, 2011, 04:54:32 pm »
I have uploaded a short video demonstrating a couple of thing that can be done with the "Pro Shift" leds controller available in a week or so.

I have use these controllers in 3 different ways:

  • rev bar and 2 blue leds to display RPM and shift point
  • turning lights, battery, oil, full beam, hand brake and low fuel warning lights
  • fuel level and water temperature using 5-leds indicators

This is the link to the video:

Enjoy it!


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