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Problems with Grid and Dirt 2 after SimDash version 1.3.1


I'm not getting my gear indicator and Rev Burner to work properly in Grid and Dirt 2 after i installed SimDash version 1.3.1.
In Grid i get the Tachometer to work but not the GI Max gear indicator. In Dirt 2 none of them are working. ???
The games are detected in Simdash so thats not the problem.

Read this page please:

There are instruction on how to configure the Grid and Dirt 2 plugin.

Basically you must make a change to the hardware_settings_config.xml file.
You will find more details in the linked page.

Please report if you have any problem.
The location of the hardware_settings_config.xml file depends on your Windows version, so probably it is easier if you do a search in your C: drive.


Very good! I understand now that i should have looked a little better on your site  :-\

I'll try this out. Thank you very much!!  :)


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