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F1 2016 & Pro Race - Position error

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Hi Cristiano,
just wanted to report, don't know if you or anyone else has seen this error, but I am noticing that in F1 2016, career mode, the 'position' on my ProRace is always out by one place. (I am using SimDash 16)

I don't know if that is something that can be fixed in Simdash or an error in the data output of the game?

So for example, if the game says I am in position 5, then the ProRace display tells me I am in position 4. (I think it's that way round. Anyway it is always out by one).

It is the simulator that sends incorrect data.
I have updated the F1 2016 plugin. In the configuration screen you can adjust the race position, if it is wrong.

The change will be included in the next version of SimDash, but if you want to test it before, it is here:


That's great thanks,
I'll give it a try later :)

Yep, position is now correct, thank you very much for adding this.

I hate to add a further report, maybe this data is also reported wrongly by the game, but I also noticed some errors in the lap times that are being displayed. I can't see a particular pattern except to say that the 'last lap' display is always different to the on screen times, usually only by a small amount, less than a tenth; and 'best lap' is not showing on the ProRace at all (noticed this in practice, maybe it only appears during a race?).

I will investigate.
thank you for letting me know.



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