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my alfa romeo 156 setup.


grum gti:
finally got there with the dash :D although i do sil have a hellllll of a lot to do, i stil have my indicator stalk to wire up, need to gett a DLC for the dahs warning lights. need to remake my center console with alfa156 instead of a mk4 astra one lol

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this is what it did look like sat in the drivers seat.

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and it now looks like this

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i plan on using the flip out screen as a digital display for tyre temps lap times etc. that is what im wanting Ihud for ios for.

Wow,nice setup,congrats

said I want to know the laser station serves what to do on a pc


any updates?

grum gti:

So ive not posted in a while due to personal commitments etc etc.

My Rig has updated slightly. Its now smaller as it was seriously taking up to much room, So i cut it down to just half the dash. Ive had away with the astra mk3 center console and handbrake for the time being, although i do still have it i have plans for it in the future.

Since ive noticed theres now a board to drive oil temps, fuel and turbo ill need to purchase myself one as i had fuel and temps in my dash.

the Pop up screen is no longer in as i simply coudlnt find a way to get it setup as a 2nd screen on my pc. my pc wouldnt do a low enough resoloution. however i could get sky tv perfectly fine through it and use it as a dvd no problems, just not what i wanted it for.

Ive also reinvterted my Clubsports as the box id made for them when they where inverted had pritty much fell apart.

ive also done a pc upgrade so that cost most my money recently.

heres a few links to how my rig started in the 1st place and the construction of the astra mk3 center console. my rig was completely different back then!

and heres a pic of how it stands now and ill keep you updated on the progress!


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