Upgrading the firmware

The firmware is the small software which runs inside all the boards sold by SymProjects, like the Rev Burner, Pro-Gauge, Pro-Race and all the other products. Sometimes an update becomes available, in order to implement new functionalities or to fix bugs.

Follow these simple operations to upgrade the firmware of one of our boards.

Step 1

Download SymProjects Bootloader. Extract the content of the ZIP file into a new folder and double click HIDBootloader.exe


Step 2

Disconnect the USB cable and put the board in firmware upgrade mode. This is a state where the board doesn’t perform its normal functions but instead is ready to receive a new firmware via the USB connection and save it internally.


To do this, link together the two pads on the pcb marked with PROG. You can use a paper clip to do this, or a small piece of wire. Then plug in the USB cable. Now the board is in firmware upgrade mode (and It is not detected by SimDash).


Step 3


Start HIDBootLoad.exe

Click the Load Hex File icon and select the file containing the new firmware. New firmwares can be downloaded from the Download page.

A firmware file has .hex extension.

Now click the PROGRAM button to start the upgrade process. This operation will last few seconds.


Step 4

Disconnect the USB cable and remove the paper clip from the PROG terminals. The firmware of the board is now updated.