• Relay module for Pro-Gauge

The Relay Module for the Pro-Gauge controller can be used to automatically switched on and off the gauges/dashboard connected to the Pro-Gauge, when SimDash is started and closed.

Normally the gauges are connected to the power all the time and, unless a manual switch is inserted inline with the power wires, they stay on, including the backlight, all the time. 

This relay module will cut the power to the gauges, when SimDash is stopped.

The relay is connected to the Pro-Gauge controller and to the gauges like in the picture below:

Normally a gauge is connected to:

  • the GND terminal of the Pro-Gauge,
  • to terminals S1…S6 (water temp, oil press, oil temp, fuel level gauges)
  • to the RPM or SPD terminals (rev counter and speedometer)
  • One or more wires are connected to the 12V terminal of the Pro-Gauge, for the power.

With the introduction of the relay module, the wires normally connected to the 12V terminal of the Pro-Gauge are instead connected to the NO terminal of the relay, like in the picture above.

The relay module requires SimDash v.11 or greater. The Pro-Gauge configuration screen will show a new section where it will be possible to enable/disable the switching of the Relay module when SimDash starts and stops.

If the new section is not visible in the Pro-Gauge configuration screen, in SimDash, the firmware of the Pro-Gauge controller must be upgraded to version 2. The new firmware is available in the Download page. And this page contains the instructions for the upgrade process.

Relay module for Pro-Gauge

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