The SPI-D is a USB digital speedometer (but can also display other data), and includes a shift light. The colour of the 3 digits display and shift light is red and the brightness can be adjusted with the software.

The display connects to the USB port with a MICRO USB cable and no external power supply is needed (USB cable not included).

From the display configuration screen you can adjust:

  • the brightness of the display,
  • whether and when the display or the shift light should blink
  • the RPM value at which the shift light turns on,
  • speed unit (Km/h or Mph).
  • configure the display to show RPM, gear position, race position, lap number, fuel level, water temperature, oil temperature and oil pressure instead of the speed.

More displays can be used at the same time.

SPI-D Digital Speedometer

  • Product Code: SPI-D Digital Speedometer
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