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The Pro-Race Micro shift array display is a small device that contains nine bright multi-color LEDs.

Each LED is able to display an almost infinite number of colors. Different colors and blinking states can be configured for different value of engine RPM.

Configuring the display

Configuration screen

The Pro-Race Micro configuration screen is shown in the image above. From this screen it is possible to:

  • Configure each LED individually, specifying at which value of engine RPM they will switch one, with which brightness, color and if they will be blinking or not. More conditions can be specified for each LED, so they can show different color or blinking states in different situations.
  • Delete all the existing settings and start with a fresh empty configuration.
  • Quickly configure all the LEDs at once instead of one at the time. 
  • Import an existing configuration or Export the existing one: you can make a backup of you settings or have different configurations that you use with different cars or different simulators.

Configuring one LED

Click the LED you want to configure and the screen above will be displayed. At the beginning it will be empty because the LED doesn't contain any setting. Click the "New..." button to start the configuration. In the picture below the LED is being configured to switch on when the engine RPM is between 6000 and 7000 and the LED will blink fast when this happens. 

The last step of the configuration is to choose the color for the LED. Click the small color square and the dialog below will be shown:

Note that the LED is not capable of representing all the colors that you see on the screen. In particular the very dark ones like grey are not displayed correctly. Some are only approximated, but most of them work well.

The picture above shows an LED that has been configured to:

  • Display the BLUE color when the engine RPM are above 7.000 and to blink fast.
  • If the engine is NOT above 7.000 RPM the second condition is evaluated: if the engine is above 6.000 RPM the LED will be RED and won't blink.

So the conditions that determine the color of a LED are evaluated from TOP to BOTTOM and the first one that is satisfied sets the color of the LED and whether is blinking or not.

On the right hand side of each condition there are some buttons, that allow you to do this:

  • Move the condition UP or DOWN in the list. The order of the conditions is important because it is the FIRST one that is TRUE that will set the color of the led.
  • A condition can be deleted clicking the button with the CROSS
  • A condition can be edited to change the value of RPM or the color of the LED or the blinking.
  • The button with the Light Bulb will switch the LED on with the color and brightness specified in the condition. It's useful to check if the color we chose looks good or how its brightness compare to the LEDs around. If necessary the brightness can be adjusted.


Use the Brightness slider to quickly adjust the brightness of all LEDs at the same time. There are 255 steps available.

Quick Config

Use the Quick Config Wizard to quickly configure all the LEDs at the same time, rather than one at the time. The color of each individual LED can be fine tuned later if necessary.

The information that must specified in the wizard is:

  • The RPM value at which the first LED is switched ON.
  • The RPM value for the last LED.
  • The color for all the LEDs. The color can be adjusted later editing each single led if necessary.

The Leds can be configured to BLINK at a specific level of RPM. You can choose:

  • The RPM value.
  • The color of the LEDs when blinking.
  • The speed of the blinking.
  • And the brightness of the LEDs when they are blinking.

If the Symmetric option is selected, the LEDs will be configured to create a pattern from the sides of the display to the center, similarly to the image below:

If instead the option is unchecked, the pattern will be like this:

Importing and Exporting the settings

The Import... and Export... buttons are used to load an existing set of settings or save the current configuration. It is useful if you have different configuration that you use with different simulators or different car,


An optional 3D printed enclosure is available, with RED or BLACK front panel.

Pro-Race Micro

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