SimHub support

Some of our boards are compatible with SimHub.

First you have to enable the SymProjects plugin in SimHub, clicking Settings, Plugins and then scroll down until you find the SymProjects plugin. Enable it, like in the picture below:

GI Max

To enable support for the GI Max display,  click the SymProjects menu on the left and enable the GI Max Gear Indicator:


Use the same dialog as above to enable the iFlag display and also to configure its behavior:

With SimDash, iFlag will only show flags with iRacing and the gear position with all the other games. But with SimHub, flags from all the supported games will be  shown.

Fan Controller

Enable the ShakeIt Wind plugin:

and enable the SymProjects Fan Controller in the ShakeIt Wind dialog:

If you use SimHub and SimDash at the same time, in SimDash you should disable the plugins for the boards that you are using with SImHub, or the two software will conflict with each others.