Please note: the DLC-247 controller is not available any more, due to come components being out of productions. It has been replaced by the JC-LED controller, that offers similar and additional functionalities, at a lower price.

The DLC-247 (Displays and LEDs Controller 24 x 7 segments displays) is an USB controller able to drive up to 24 7-segment displays or up to 192 LEDs or a combination of displays and LEDs. The DLC-247 is very flexible but at the same time easy to use. It can be used to drive the LEDs of a shift light array or to build a digital speedometer, a gear indicator display , to show the water or oil temperatures, fuel level or the state of the dashboard’s warning lights.

Click here for the instruction on how to configure the DLC-247 controller

In the video below the DLC-247 is used at its full capacity and it is driving a small panel with the gear indicator, speedometer, the time of the current, last and best laps, as we as a shift light array.

The DLC-247 might require an external 5V power supply, which is included with the controller and available in three version: UK, EU or US plug. Check this page for more information on when the external power supply is required and when it is not, and for more details on how to configure the controller.

The DLC-247  works with virtually any 7-segment displays, of any (reasonably) size and colours. So you can buy the displays that are more suitable to your projects. The only constrain is that the displays must be common anode, which means the eight LEDs inside the display share the positive pin.

If you want to avoid the trouble of  buying the right displays and wires, there are few kits available that include some displays of different sizes and colours. The displays are soldered on a PCB with a connector for the wires (also included) you need to connect them to the DLC-247.


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