This product is also compatible with SimHub.

This display is our implementation of the popular open source project  iFlag.

The hardware is not based on an Arduino board but we designed our own pcb, in order to obtain a better form factor.

We also integrated all the iFlag functionalities into our SimDash, so that no addition software is required. The features of the original iFlag display have been expanded so that it can be used as a gear indicator too, in particular when used with simulators different than iRacing.

Main features of this product:

  • When using SimDash and iRacing: displays all the flags, safety warnings, starting lights and other warning signs. The table at the bottom of this page contains the list of all the signals available. These signal are only available with iRacing.
  • With SimDash and iRacing or any other simulator: Optionally the display can be used as a gear indicator. The color of the indicator can be customized and there are other configuration options to make the indicator blink based on RPM values or, with some simulator, based on the state of the in-game shift light.
  • When using SimHub with the iFlag display, flags from all the supported games will be shown, not just iRacing.
  • The brightness of the display can be adjusted in the iFlag configuration screen, in SimDash, or with the two push buttons on the back of the display.

Configuration screens

The configuration of the display is very simple. The first dialog allows the brightness to be adjusted. But it is probably just faster to perform the same operation using the push buttons on the back of the display.

The next section allows you to choose which messages are shown by the display. We would suggest to leave everything ON for the best experience:

Finally, in the Gear Indicator tab you can select whether you want the iFlag display to show the gear position, when not displaying other information.

There are other configuration options like the color for the gear indicator and blinking options:

Available signals

The table and the pictures below are from the original iFlag page on GitHub and contains all the signals that can be displayed when all the iFlag features are enabled:

Racing flags

Green flag The green flag signals the track is clear
Red flag The red flag indicates the race is stopped
Blue flag A blue flag indicates that the driver in front who is one or more laps down must let faster cars behind pass
Debris flag Substances on the track which could reduce grip or cause a car to lose control
Yellow flag Requires drivers to slow down due to a hazard on the track, typically an accident, a stopped car, debris or light rain
Black flag The black flag orders a particular driver into the pit area
Disqualify flag Indicates that that car is no longer being scored
Furled Black This flag indicates a penalty for bad conduct
Meatball Flag The vehicle is being summoned to the pits due to serious mechanical problems or loose bodywork
White Flag The white flag signals that the final lap is in progress
Checkered flag The chequered flag is displayed at the start/finish line to indicate that the race is officially finished

Safety flags

Caution flag Full course caution on road track types
Caution flag Full course caution on other track types
One lap to green One lap to green
Green The green flag signals end of the caution and restart of the race

Race start lights

Ready All start lights are off
Set All red start lights are on
Go! All green start lights are on


Too fast Shows on pit entry & lane when coming in too fast
Little over limit Shows on pit entry & lane when coming in just slightly over the limit
Speed is OK Shows on pit entry & lane when driving right at the speed limit
Little below limit Shows on pit entry & lane when driving just slightly below the limit
Too slow Shows on pit entry & lane when driving too slow
Blue flag Shows on pit exit with faster car on track within 100 meter behind

Repairs progress

Mandatory Repairs Shown when mandatory repairs are in progress
Optional Repairs Shown when optional repairs are in progress
Repairs completed Shown when all repairs are completed

Overlays (displayed on top of previous signals)

Car left Spotter warning about one or more cars close on the left side
Car right Spotter warning about one or more cars close on the right side
Car left and right Spotter warning about one or more cars close on the left and right sides

Incident Lights up for 3 seconds every incident count increases. Displayed overlay depends on configuration
Pit closed Shows when pits are closed
Entering Closed Pits Warning on pit entry when pits are closed

iFlag (and gear indicator)

  • Product Code: iFlag for iRacing
  • £29.50

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