This gear indicator display is very similar to the popular GI Max gear indicator.

The main differences are:

  • it comes mounted into a black or red 3D printed enclosure. The front panel is available  in three different colors: black, red and yellow.
  • The original GI Max display  doesn't have a shift light, but the function is simulated blinking the display fast when the shift point is reached. This version instead has a bright LED above the display that turns on when the in-game shift light is ON or the engine has reached a  certain value of RPM.

The display that is mounted inside the enclosure is a KINGBRIGHT SA15-11SRWA. The display is high quality, bright and reliable. The brightness can be adjusted inside SimDash, in the GI Max configuration screen.

The display is attached to the computer with a MICRO USB cable. The cable can be added to the order from this page, but any will work, if you already have a spare one.

GI Max Gear Indicator with enclosure

  • Product Code: GI Max Gear Indicator with enclosure
  • £40.90

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