Sim Monitor for VoCore displays

The Sim Monitor application can be used with VoCore displays too. Some examples of dashboards are available in the VoCore gallery, but completely new designs can be created using the Sim Monitor Editor. A detailed guide explains how to create and modify these files.


Click the Sim Monitor -> Configure VoCore Displays... to show the configuration screen:

In this screen, Enable or Disable individual displays. You might want to disable one of the connected displays if it is going to be use with a different applications.

In the Designs section you can configure up to six designs that will be displays. You can move from the current design to the next or previous one using any push buttons, toggle switches or rotary encoders connected to one of our JC24JC32JC-LED and Pro-Race controllers.

You can also the touchscreen of the display, tapping the right or left side of the display.

The expected resolution of the design file is 800x 480 pixels. The 5" version of the VoCore displays can also run 854 x 480 files.

The Buttons section of the configuration screen is where you define which push buttons, toggle switches or rotary encoders connected to one of our JC24JC32JC-LED and Pro-Race controllers are used to navigate from one design the next or previous one.

Starting and Stopping the displays

To start using the VoCore displays, click the menu Sim Monitor -> Start VoCore Displays. This will start displaying the selected dashboard files. If SimDash is closed while the display is running, the displays will be restarted automatically next time SimDash is launched.